UHMW Enclosed Track Speargun

UHMW Enclosed Track Speargun

Rigged and ready to hunt!!


Our UHMW enclosed track spearguns have a sleak, hydrodynamic shape that allows you to get the gun on the fish for quicker shots.  These spearguns utilize a removable UHMW track that is available in four (4) different sizes and two (2) differnt colors (green and black).  These are have several balast pockets under the track that allows you to dial in the desired feel for your style of hunting by adding or removing the weight as YOU see fit.  As always, these are built with the finest kiln dried FEQ Teak on the market. 


These guns have a beautiful dark brown coloration which is accentuated by the oiled finish.  The 9/32nd inch shaft coupled with the freshest power bands make these guns a cannon that is capable of taking anything on the reef and mid-water fish like mackerel, or pompano.  The 55 inch and 60 inch guns are ideal if you routinely pursue larger reef fish or pelagics such as wahoo, mahi, or cobia.  These guns are designed to put the shaft on target every time you pull the trigger.  


  • Removable, interchangble track
    • Track sizes - 9/32 (7mm), 5/16 (8mm), 11/32 (9mm), 3/8 (9.5mm)
  • Adjustable ballast points are hidden under the track
  • Enclosed track puts the shaft on target (if you miss, it's not the gun)
  • Neptonics Reef Trigger Mechanism is super smooth
  • Fresh PowerBands provide plenty of power to take distant targets
    • 2 14mm bands are standard on 40" and 45" inch models
    • 2 16mm bands are standard on 50", 55" and 60" models
  • Spearcrafters hardened 9/32" shaft is lightning fast (5/16" shaft is a popular upgrade)
  • Enclosed track eliminates shaft flex for accurate "kill shots"
  • Enclosed track accepts both 9/32 and 5/16* inch shafts
  • All parts are made in the USA


We can also add a reel, put a slip-tip on your shaft, or change up the handle.  Add that to the order and we'll install it before it's shipped.


    Model &









    UHMW 40" 29"/70cm 44" 2 14mm@18" 12 feet
    UHMW 45" 34/85cm 49" 2 14mm@20" 14 feet
    UHMW 50" 39"/90cm 55" 2 16mm@24" 18 feet
    UHMW 55" 44"/110cm 60" 2 or 3 16mm@27.5" 22 feet
    UHMW 60" 49"/125cm 65" 2 or 3 16mm@29.5" 24 feet

    *Based on double wrap of shooting line; from the muzzle of the speargun.

    We recommend 3 bands on the 55 and 60 inch guns if you are going to bump up to a 5/16" shaft. 


    All KillShot SpearGuns are covered by a 2 year limited warranty and are guaranteed against defects resulting from manufacturer's error under normal use conditions. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by abnormal or unreasonable use, normal wear, or modifications performed by anyone other than authorized KillShot Spearguns personnel. Bands, shafts, shooting line, and other consumable products are not covered under the warranty. Should this product fail to be in good working order as a result of manufacturer defect, KillShot Spearguns will, at its option, repair or replace this product at no charge. 

    Problem with your Gun?

    We want you using your speargun and telling everyone you meet how fantastic they are.  If you have a problem with your gun, even if it’s past the 2 year period, please contact us and we will see what we can do to remedy the problem.


    We are able to ship pretty much anywhere.  If you are outside of the US I can arrange shipment but it will likely cost more than US Domestic shipping. 

    I purchase insurance for shipping when I ship them out; if the gun is damaged simply call me and I'll work with the shipper.  Usually you will simply send the gun back to me and I'll send you a replacement and then do battle with the carrier regarding reimbursement. 

    Any guns being returned to me need to be packed in a manner that will ensure they get back to me in once piece which means;

    • pack them in their original packing, or
    • use a professional packing company to package it.
    • YOU will need to purchase insurance for the return shipping unless I tell you otherwise.

    Call me if you have ANY questions about sending a gun back to me.

    I don't usually accept returns on spearguns unless there is a defect or other issue with the gun.  But I also know that sometimes things outside of our control can impact our ability or desire to keep our original purchase.  Give me a call (see contact page) and we'll discuss the situation and discuss options. No promises but we might be able to work something out.

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