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Charters & Expeditions

Welcome to Depth Charge Charters, part of the Killshot Spearguns family! 


We go out of our way to ensure you have a great time on the water regardless of the activity you choose or the intensity in which you choose to do it. Our goal is to make your time on the water with us as enjoyable as possible.  We offer the charter excursions:

Call us today to book your charter...(239) 850-8862 or email us at


Freedive Spearfishing

Our specialty is freedive spearfishing on the reefs around Islamorada.  Our guides and captains have multiple years of experience running boats and diving in the Florida Keys and have an impeccable safety record.  Because they are avid spearfishermen they are very familiar with all of the fish species you are likely to encounter and have a number of “spots” where big fish tend to hang out.

Our guides are licensed Freedive Instructors and have several years of speafishing experience and are there to point out fish and help you land "the big one".

On our typical trip we tend to dive depths between 20 and 70 feet and have multiple locations in all depth ranges; just let us know what depth you are comfortable diving and we’ll tailor your trip to meet your abilities and desires.

Freedive Spearfishing

Lobster and Stone Crab

Hunting Lobster and Stone Crab is like a grown up Easter Egg Hunt!  Tons of fun

for people of all ages and diving abilites!  We supply all the gear you'll need to

catch a scumptious dinner.  

We have lobster spots as shallow as 5 feet and as deep as 50 but 90% of our

lobster trips focus on the 10 to 30 foot depths.  The 5-10 foot depths are great for

rookies just getting into the sport while the deeper spots can yield nice catches for

the more experienced freediver.

Did you know that stone crab can be taken by hand?  Sure can.  They inhabit much

of the same bottom that lobster tend to congregate in and can be an absolute blast

to take.  If you want to learn how, just ask and we’ll get you up-to-speed on the

techniques we use to harvest those colossal claws.

Lobster and Stone Crab

Freediving (Line Dive or Reef Dive)

Many of our customers simply want to see the reef or put in a little time freediving on the line.  We can accommodate both options and can even set the line and float up so that you can do a little line diving over the reef while having a little surface support while you do it.  Our captains and guides are all experienced freedivers and know how to safely drop you off and pick you up. 

Photography - Bring your Go-Pro or Waterproof camera and take some epic shots of your day on the reef.  We can also give you a few pointers to make your photos and videos better than ever.

Freediving (Line or Reef)

Freedive Classes

Want to learn to be a better freediver?  We offer the full suite of PADI freediver courses and can help you take your diving to the next level!  In the class we focus on freediving fundamentals such as relaxation and breathing, safety, surface entry and proper finning technique.  You can find more information on PADI Freediver (click here) or call the shop today to book your spot in a class.

Snorkel and Sandbar Expeditions

Islamorada has some of the prettiest blue water in the country.  Couple that with our abundant fish population and you have a recipe for some of the best snorkeling in the world.  Many of our reefs are 10-25 feet deep and are covered with hard corals, sea fans, sponges and other soft corals.  During many of our charters we are visited by dolphins and sea turtles who spend most of their lives in our waters. 

Once you've gotten worn out on the reef we can pull up to our world famous sandbars.  Bring a few snacks and your beverage choice and relax in island style.  We can go to one of the more popular sandbars or go some place more secluded if you want a little privacy.  Either way, the sandbar is a great place to soak up some of that Florida Sunshine and wash your stress away. 

Snorkel and Sandbar
Spearfishing University
Ed and Robert.jpg

Spearfishing University

New to Spearfishing or Freediving?  Wondering how to get started in the sport?  Spearfishing University was created for you!


We offer a two part beginner class that focuses on the spearfishing fundamentals such as:

  • Equipment

  • Safety

  • Fish Identification

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Hunting Techniques

  • Cleaning and Preserving Your Catch

Part 1 – You’ll spend the morning (or afternoon) in the classroom learning about all of the topics mentioned above.

Part 2 – You’ll spend a half-day charter with one of our spearfishing guides working on the skills that will make you a better spearo.  The emphasis is teaching you to be a safe and efficient spearo.

We also offer classes on Lionfish Collection, Lobster and Stone Crabs, Bluewater, and an advanced class for those looking to take a fish of a lifetime.

For more information on the course and information on our other spearfishing classes click on Spearfishing University or call the shop for the latest class details.

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