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New SHOP!!!

New Shop!!!

Well this is going to be an interesting month for Killshot Spearguns! Our shop neighbor has decided to move her studio which opened the door for me to expand our speargun building area and our retail shop. The Cliff Notes version is that we are moving the retail store into her studio and converting the existing shop into our Speargun Factory. Any of you that have ever been in the woodshop area know that it's very tight back there with just enough room to build spearguns....that is about to change. We’ll have a bunch of work to do before we can open the new shop but I’m hoping we can get it finished before the end of March '24. When it’s ready it will be the coolest spearfishing and diving shop in the Florida Keys. This is what we are planning;

  • More square footage will allow us to stock more product!

  • Expanding our product lines with more quality gear.

  • Adding support for our scuba divers (regulators, BCDs, gauges, etc)

  • We are setting up a dedicated classroom and will teach:

    • Spearfishing Beginner/Intermediate Classes

    • Freediving Classes

    • Scuba Lessons and Certifications

    • Spearfishing Safety and First Aid Seminars

    • Speargun Rigging and Band Tying Lessons

Inside of what will be the New Shop...BTW, I'm going to call it Crazy Eddie's Dive Shop. As you can see, we will be tripling our existing retail area

You can watch our progress on YouTube (@killshotspearguns2522); I’ll try to post frequent updates as we build out the new displays, receive product and stock inventory.

Dive Safe!!!

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