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Baby Buzz Bombs

Baby Buzz Bombs

The Killshot Spearfishing Team was out hunting Wahoo on day when someone said, “it would be really cool to have a flasher rig with nothing but BuzzBombs…the next day we fired up the skunkworks and designed a lightweight buzz bomb that could be clipped into a flasher rig.  The Baby Buzz bomb was born.  


This buzz bomb has a plastic head that is wrapped in the same mylar we use on our regular BuzzBombs.  The head is then covered in our custom colored heatshrink and we add BIG 3/4 inch prism eyes to finish it off.  The skirt is approx. 8 inches long.  A small hole is drilled between the eyes to give us a secure attachment point with a 100lb mono loop.


When added to a flasher rig we usually we usually jump in using a mono loop to loop connection.  I like to mix up the spread a little and will use a combination of (from bottom to top) a Killshot BuzzBomb, a couple of blade flashers, and a Baby BuzzBomb on the top.  Predators such as Wahoo will often check out the bottom flasher and then move to the others taking a looooong look. 


  • Weight – 1 oz
  • Length – approx. 8 inches
  • Diameter – Approx 1 inch
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