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Palagics simply aren't safe when you have a Killshot Bluewater gun in your hands.


Our Bluewater series of spearguns took nearly two years to perfect...but our dedication means more fish in the cooler for you!  During the design process we built the gun around the shaft; delivering the shaft is what spearguns are all about. As we begin building each gun are start making bouyancy and balance calculations as soon as we square the blank.  As a result we end up with a speargun that feels light in the hand and balanced to feel more like a 3lb reef gun than a 9lb wahoo killer.  But enough about the boring stuff.


We mill the tracks to accept both 5/16" and 11/32" shafts which gives you lots of options.  Shooting Wahoo? 5/16" is all you need.  Blasting Tuna? 11/32" gives you more kinetic energy to punch through thick fish.   


The front 2/3s of the gun is tapered to allow the gun to move through the water more easily when tracking fish side-to-side.  We've also pinched the back end to make line management a more reliable when the trigger is pulled.  The trigger is located approx 3" from the butt which maximizes band stretch.


  • All parts are made in the USA
  • Solid one piece FEQ Teak Stock
  • Enclosed track is accurate as hell (we've made shots out to 30 feet)
  • Neptonics Tuna Trigger Mechanism is super strong
  • Tapered front end (sides and bottom) for less resistnace when tracking quick fish
  • Remote trigger is 12" from the butt giving you a great piviot point more like a mid-handle
  • 3 or 4 16mm Primeline bands provide plenty of power to bring down distant targets
  • Spearcrafters hardened 5/16" shaft is lightning fast; the 11/32" shaft is a popular upgrade and devastates wahoo
  • Spearcrafters shafts are threaded (for sliptips) and have 4 tabs
  • Our proprietary oiled finish makes for easy maintenance
  • Balanced to be slightly negative but sit flat in the water (not wear you out)
  • Guns are rigged with a Floatline breakaway and have a 300lb mono double wrap (standard)


We can also add a reel, put a slip-tip on your shaft, or change up the handle.  Add that to the order and we'll install it before it's shipped.


    Model &








    BW 60" 51"/130cm 60"

    3 14mm small ID

    cut to 30"

    24 feet
    BW 65" 55"/140cm 65"

    3 14mm small ID

    cut to 32.5"

    26 feet
    BW 70" 60"/150cm 70"

    4 14mm small ID

    cut to 35"

    28 feet

    *We recommend adding one band if you are going to bump up to the 11/32" shaft.

    **Based on double wrap of shooting line and a breakaway; this is measured from the muzzle of the speargun.



    All KillShot SpearGuns are covered by a 2 year limited warranty and are guaranteed against defects resulting from manufacturer's error under normal use conditions. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by abnormal or unreasonable use, normal wear, or modifications performed by anyone other than authorized KillShot Spearguns personnel. Bands, shafts, shooting line, and other consumable products are not covered under the warranty. Should this product fail to be in good working order as a result of manufacturer defect, KillShot Spearguns will, at its option, repair or replace this product at no charge. 

    Problem with your Gun?

    We want you using your speargun and telling everyone you meet how fantastic they are.  If you have a problem with your gun, even if it’s past the 2 year period, please contact us and we will see what we can do to remedy the problem.


    We are able to ship pretty much anywhere.  If you are outside of the US I can arrange shipment but it will likely cost more than US Domestic shipping. 

    I purchase insurance for shipping when I ship them out; if the gun is damaged simply call me and I'll work with the shipper.  Usually you will simply send the gun back to me and I'll send you a replacement and then do battle with the carrier regarding reimbursement. 

    Any guns being returned to me need to be packed in a manner that will ensure they get back to me in once piece which means;

    • pack them in their original packing, or
    • use a professional packing company to package it.
    • YOU will need to purchase insurance for the return shipping unless I tell you otherwise.

    Call me if you have ANY questions about sending a gun back to me.

    I don't usually accept returns on spearguns unless there is a defect or other issue with the gun.  But I also know that sometimes things outside of our control can impact our ability or desire to keep our original purchase.  Give me a call (see contact page) and we'll discuss the situation and discuss options. No promises but we might be able to work something out.

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