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Grey Acrylic Killshot Beanie

Grey Acrylic Killshot Beanie

The Grey Killshot Beanie is one of my favorite winter hats.  It folds up small so it’s in my bag from October through May and I pull it out anytime I start getting cold on the boat.  The quality of this beanie is exceptional – it's made with a durable knit acrylic fabric that not only keeps me warm but also stands up to daily wear and tear. It has a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring that the beanie stays in place even during brisk winds or when running the boat from spot-to-spot. The Killshot logo adds a touch of style without being overly flashy.

What sets this beanie apart is its versatility. It’s the perfect companion if I'm out for a morning boat ride, going hunting, hitting the slopes, or just running around town. The warmth it provides without sacrificing style makes it a must-have in my winter wardrobe.

We highly recommend this hat if you need of a durable, comfortable, and stylish cold-weather accessory.


  • Key Features

    • Super cool looking – wear it…chicks will dig u and men will fear you!
    • Rib-knit construction
    • Versatile Design
    • Very durable
    • Washer/Dryer safe - Acrylic won’t shrink like wool


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