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Killshot UPF 50 Bucket Hat

Killshot UPF 50 Bucket Hat

The Killshot UPF 50 Bucket Hat is exactly what you need to stay cool on those hot summer days.  The brim keeps the sun off your ears and the fabric stops harmful UV rays.  The moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly and the rapid evaporation cools your noggin.  The 2.5” brim is large enough to shade your face without obstructing your view and is flexible enough to fold up when running the boat and facing the wind.  The mesh inner liner allows the breeze through which further helps you “keep your cool”.  The drawstring allows you to sinch it down if your are making a run across the water on the boat.  Out of all the hats I own, this one is my favorite.

These come in two sizes, Medium and Large.  If you have a large noggin, go with the large.  The medium is probably a better fit for the ladies. I wear a 7 ¼ inch hat and can wear both the large and the medium sizes. 

  • Key Features

    • Perforation for maximum ventilation and breathability
    • UPF 50 sun protection to guard against the sun's most harmful rays
    • Moisture-wicking sweatband for dry and cool comfort
    • Water resistant fabric
    • Adjustable drawstring to customize how your fit
    • Boonie bucket silhouette
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