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Redtide Knife

Redtide Knife

Red Tide kill knives are built to safely pacify your catch or get you out of sticky situtations.  The knives feature a hidden tang handle that is designed to withstand years of abuse.  The blades are crafted from 440 Stainless Steel and have serrations on both sides of the blade...let's face it, people always use the serrated side of the blade anyway so why not just serrate both sides.  The tip is needle sharp allowing easy entry into the fishes crainium and with a 4 inch long blade you can easily reach the brain or spinal cord.  The case is made of flexible plastic and will accomadate arm/leg straps (included) or can be threaded onto any weight belt.  These are available in a Polished Stainless finish or a Black Teflon coating.  The knife ships with;




2 Leg or Arm straps

2 knife handle retainers


Knife Length = 8.5 inches long

Blade Length = 4.2 inches long

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