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Redtide Sliptip

Redtide Sliptip

The Red Tide Dive Team has been taking down big fish all over the world with these tips and they are the new go to slip-tip for bluewater hunters world wide.  These Sip-Tips are some of the sharpest on the market ensuing maximum penetration.  They are precision ground using CNC technology which ensures a super-tight fit, improved performance and better accuracy. Zero drag spectra line is used for increased accuracy on long shots.


Red Tide Slip-Tips come in 5/16 or 9/32 diameters. The 5/16 slip-tips have 5/16 threads that are the standard thread size on 5/16, 8 mm, 8.5 mm, 11/32, and 3/8 threaded speargun shafts. Our 9/32 slip-tips have 6 mm threads that are the standard thread size on 9/32, 17/64, 7.0 mm and 7.5 mm threaded speargun shafts.

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